Peoples Party of Canada Parry Sound Muskoka Electoral District Association

“Individual Freedom, Responsibility, Respect, Fairness & Opportunity”

Policy Direction

Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform Moratorium on immigration until the economy returns to full employment. Canada still has the highest unemployment in decades with 1.6 million unemployed in May 2021.

Stop Globalism

Remove Canada from all UN Treaties that infringe upon sovereignty including UNDRIP and the Migration Compact. Canada needs to make rules for Canadians, not the Globalist Elites.

Protect Free Speech

We need to end Bills C10 & C36 that severely censors the internet and your communication with other Canadians. Make Cancel Culture illegal, penalize criminals destroying national monuments and attacking property and businesses.


Foreign aid programs - with the exception for periodic crisis relief - be eliminated, subsidies to big business will end, and the tax code will be simplified.
 A People’s Party Government will redirect these savings to balancing the budget in two years, with the remainder either spent in Canada for the benefit of Canadians, or refunded to Canadians in the form of tax cuts.

Freedom and Liberty

Strengthen Canada’s laws to prevent socially and economically damaging lockdowns in the future.